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Daniel Piggins

Name: Daniel Piggins

Birthday: November 10th 1980something. If you happen to find out and want to give me a pressie, I ain't a big chocky fan but Amazon vouchers are good.

Length of time at East Coast FM: In with the bricks.

Other occupation: Do you really want boring to death? Na didn't think so!

Aim in life: To drive a train - just once, then I can die happy.

Reason this aim has so far not been achieved: I'm registered blind, need I say more?

Life before ECFM: I started in community radio in May 2007 when Leith FM (laterally Castle FM) in Edinburgh launched. Having been granted a 5 year Community Radio Licence. I was then asked to come help out during the first 4 week RSL (Restricted Service Licence) in December 2009 and like rising damp or a particularly bad smell just never went away again and low and behold I was part of another station launch with another 5 year license, 1 of several in the team to have done it twice! I get asked a lot by members, friends and Job Interview Panels why I moved from an FM Station in the capital to what was (apart from a 2nd RSL at Xmas 2011/2012 an internet station from Jan 2010 to Apr 2013, an hours bus ride from home? The answer I always gave is we won't be exclusively online for ever and I simply enjoy it more and that hasn't changed since our arrival on 107.6 although listeners might debate that sometimes when I'm cursing our outdated and sometimes unreliable transport network!

Best moments at ECFM:

The first one maybe isn't what you'd call a best moment but has a place and a purpose. It was the time when Ian asked me on air if I'd seen a particular film and I took the chance to tactfully remind him (not in these words) that seeing things wasn't my strong point. Much laughter followed but that little incident was (like similar ones in everyday life) proof that some people anyway see me as normal - I stress Some, as sadly it's a perception that even today far too many struggle with I'm sorry to say and that annoys me as to all intents and purposes I'm just a normal bloke masquerading as a blindy although admittedly doing it better than any actor ever could.

Since our FM launch I've done a few truly memorable things but the ones that stand out most are having the honour of doing our First Ever outside Broadcast with a broadband link to the studio from the Haddington Town Market. The first Record was Status Quo's 'Down Down' and I'll never forget it! As an aside I was also the first to broadcast from TESCO Musselburgh using our new Satellite Dongle.

In terms of most fun, our Roadshow at Preston Lodge High School was a laugh but the winners so far have to be spending 2 hours playing tunes and promoting the station from the back of the East Coast Van on a summers Evening in the 2013 Musselburgh Parade and helping Station Supporters Haddington Based Prentice Coaches launch their new X1 Rail Link with Station Mascot Eddie The Teddy including Live Phone-ins to the Breakfast Show from the 1st 2 journeys. Not many know this but Eddie nearly got left behind at Wallyford on the 2nd trip - I'll leave it to you to decide whether it was deliberate or not :)!

What Else Do You Do for ECFM?

Station Supporter, Committee Member, Involved with Fundraising and a regular Duty Manager and Huge believer in/supporter of the School Bell which is very rewarding. As well as my own show I regularly Co- Host Friday Breakfast with Ian, which despite being on from 7-10 on Friday Mornings marks the official start of the East Coast Weekend! I can also occasionally be found covering for other presenters and attend many of our outside events, in the community, just in case you'd like to put a face to the voice although I should warn you it ain't pretty and you'll be scarred for life!

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank my friends and fellow volunteers at the station but more importantly, the people of East Lothian for supporting this truly wonderful and in many ways unique cause. It's a lot of fun, a lot of work but the local community have in my view really benefited from having us around and that's what makes it all worthwhile for me.

Saturday Afternoon Live

Saturday afternoon, 2 pm - 4 pm

Take time out to relax with regular presenter Daniel Piggins on Afternoon Live, Driven by Prentice Coaches!

The Show with a Staff of Thousands!

Well, not quite, but its fair to say that since our launch on FM 14:00-16:00 on Saturdays has seen a rising number of our young volunteers in the building and taking part in the activities on air. They get absolutely nothing for it and Daniel is always stealing their change for our hungry, but notoriously fussy coffee machine and for those of you wondering if they have nothing better to do than put up with this treatment, the answer's No, as they're all still at school and even doing rubbish jobs like clearing out and reorganising the Community News Folder is better than studying, right?

About the Star of the Show:

That'll be you, the good folk of this wonderful County. If you have a good cause to champion, a charity, organisation or event to promote or perhaps a campaign or local issue you would like to talk about on air, on East Lothian's no.1 Radio Station, but if you can't do it on a weekday but a Saturday suits you better there's no need to panic any longer as Daniel is actively searching for great guests from the local community who could do with a helping hand in the form of a wee Bleather, (or maybe even a big one, he doesn't mind and it means we don't have to put up with, sorry listen to his waffle) either by phone or in the studio and welcomes community groups, clubs, teams, causes and organisations as well as registered charities, event organisers, tourist attractions, thespians, concerts and politicians. Bands and musicians are also welcome, but these may be better catered for by the team on The Sessions Thursday Evenings 8-10pm as this feature is primarily for anyone and everyone who wants there message heard, but can't come in or do a telephone interview during the week. If this sounds like you or someone you know then email or call 01620826444 and say you'd like to be on Afternoon Live!

Other vaguely useful show info:

Whilst all our Commercial Cousins are playing the same 5-10 songs on a continuous loop and every now and again doing the odd pre recorded bit of chatter, often produced by someone in a studio geographically remote from the so-called Local Station you're tuned into, Afternoon Live is, like everything else on our main schedule. Home made from our studios in Haddington with tunage from the 50s to now, with everything from Ballads to dance and rock anthems, regular musical features, Community news, Weather, Travel and news headlines and as mentioned above, input from you, the listener including your mentions and requests so please don't be shy. Its hoped that in the future we'll carry realtime local/national sports updates, score flashes etc so if you fancy getting involved and doing this then let us know as not only is it great for the listeners but fantastic experience for any budding sports Journalist. Quite a few of the stations live Outside Broadcasts are at the weekend and although this often means changes to our regular schedule the Afternoon Live team have had the pleasure of broadcasting from the likes of Merryhatton Garden Centre and Thirston Manor and Peasebay Holiday Parks to name just a few.