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Karen White

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The Food Show


The Food Show is on every Thursday morning from 10am till 12pm. I am the
host Karen White and love to talk about and try new food ideas.

Every week I have a new theme from chocolate and deserts to seasonal and
foreign foods I cover everything you can think of!

I also sometimes have guests pop on to the show most recently I had the
head chef from the Maitlandfield house hotel on to chat about his
favourite foods are and even shared one of his recipes with us.

I have been attempting to make an East Coast FM recipe book and would
love all local chefs and food outlets to get involved and submit their

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Girl Talk

Karen and Fran host girl talk every Monday morning from 10am till 12pm.
We are both girls so we named our show girl talk as that’s what we
love to do best!

We chat about a range of topics and always like talking to our listeners
and answering questions. Usually the chat ends up being about our cats
because we are crazy cat ladies but don’t worry it won’t be the only

We play a range of songs and always love a good throw back to our child
hood with some nineties classics like spice girls and boyzone.

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