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The Drive Home

Weekday Afternoons, 4pm - 6pm

Join Liz Booth Monday through Thursday on East Coast FM Between 3pm and 6pm for 3 hours of Good Tunes, Community News, and Interviews.

Just before the news at 5pm we have 2 songs from the 1960’s. Before the news at 5pm we have 2 tunes from the 1970’s and the final 2 tracks, just before the 6pm news, are from the 1980’s.

Weather updates at 4.30pm and 5.30pm. Travel updates as we receive them.

Give us a call for a request, dedication or just to hear your favourite tune again?

So why not join me, Liz, Monday to Thursday 4pm till 6pm on East Coast Fm for an Afternoon Delight!

To get in touch with any of the shows you can:

Call us on 01620 826444
Text us on 07835902030