Charlie and Lola’s Extremely New Play Festival Theatre

The latest platform for the lovable characters of Charlie and Lola to take by storm is theatre, and in order for the production to bring the cartoon siblings to life they have used two dimensional marionettes and a pre-recorded soundtrack that takes us on a journey through the seasons and tells us all about them.

For adults the show required a decree of suspension of disbelief but with its gentle family humour and sharp-eyed observations, it’s a show that grown-ups can sit through. The intuitive set design makes it an artistic treat for all the family. The children watching all seemed to thoroughly enjoy their time in the theatre. When the autumn leaves began to fall there were gasps of awe from the audience and excitement and exhilaration when the snow machines came on, and practically signs of euphoria as Lola and her “absolutely bestest friend” Lottie came swimming towards them when the hall had become a fishpond.

Although there was five adults running around on stage with 2-D puppets the kids didn’t seem to see or take any notice of them, they only saw the the magic and wonder of Charlie and Lola’s world. The show was educational, artistic and gently humorous. The perfect play for little ones.

Kayleigh Stewart