Calamity Jane Edinburgh Playhouse

When the Deadwood stage decided to roll on over the plains and make its way to Edinburgh's Playhouse everyone who knows the story of Calamity Jane would be looking forward to hearing again the classic hit songs from the Doris Day movie - The Black Hills of Dakota, Whip Crack Away and Just Blew In from the Windy City.

Staring Jodie Prenger (winner of BBC’s I’d Do Anything) as the thigh slapping, sharp shooting “careless with the truth” heroine and Tom Lister (Emmerdale’s Carl King) as Wild Bill Hickok, this production turned out to be faithful to, and almost as good as, the movie.

From the point where the ever boastful Calamity Jane sets out for “Chigagee” in a bid to find a popular and well sought after actress, Adelaide Adams, she returns unbeknown by Calamity with Ms Adams’ maid, Katie Brown. That wasn’t the end of the trouble as Calamity and
Katie end up fighting for the affections of the same man.

The barn like stage was impressive and as the actors sang all the well known songs – “Secret Love” and “My Love Is Higher than a Hawk” were just two of the standouts – you could almost imagine being back in Dakota in the late 1800s.

Jodie Prenger is perfect for the part as the short tempered fire cracker who eventually releases her feminine side and Tom Lister oozes charm and charisma as Wild Bill.

Whether you know the story from the original (or from watching the movie throughout your entire childhood like me!) this production is definitely for you, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Jodi Robertson