Riverdance 20th Anniversary Playhouse

Well, where on earth can I start with reviewing this fabulous night out? Well perhaps from the beginning, because we were drawn in right from the word go! It was 20 years ago that Michael Flatley appeared in our living rooms with his seven-minute introduction to Riverdance, performed during the interval of the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin.Twenty years on, this stage production has perhaps a relatively small number of songs, but they were sung with passion and reverberated round the auditorium backed by a very talented small backing band.

But of course who could forget the extremely talented dancers that brought this magical show to life. Some scenes, such as ‘Trading Taps’ really began to show off how talented that they were. I have to say I felt a little sorry for the follow spot technician who had slight difficulty in keeping up with them as they moved around the stage.

Every song and dance had the majority of the audience (all 2500 of them!) clapping along and tapping their feet throughout the entire two and three-quarter hour performance. By the time the finale came around I think the entire audience were on their feet, clapping in enjoyment.

A huge round of applause for all the staff, performers and musicians at Edinburgh Playhouse for making things run so smoothly and effectively and also for a fabulous night out – very well done to all! If we could, we would go and see the show again and again, and we highly recommend this show to anyone who may be a fan of dance, and also if you like Irish, celtic and latin music.

Our advice to you is: This is a show not to be missed! Don’t hang around or you will miss out on a spectacular show – but a word of warning: fast moving strobe lighting is used.

Ben Dyson & Jamie Wells