Let It Be Edinburgh Playhouse

When I went along to the Playhouse last night, I couldn’t have been more excited about the production I was about to witness. Having read reviews of the show and having talked with James Fox days before on the radio. James plays Paul McCartney and played him very well, and the rest of the company did equally well.

And what about this show?! It was awesome and every Beatles fan should try and go. The band were James as I mentioned, playing Paul McCartney but playing his Hoffner violin bass right handed (tut tut!), Ben Cullingworth (Ringo Starr), John Brosman (George Harrison), and Reuven Gershon (an awesome John Lennon). Yes, Reuven looked, spoke, sung and acted just like the great John – truly fantastic.

The show opens in the Cavern and proceeds to take you on a journey, a magical tour through the years of the Beatles and their great hits. From “Love Me Do” to “Hey Jude” as the climax to the night. We were taken to Shea Stadium, and to that famous Royal Variety Performance with John Lennon’s famous quote “those in the cheap seats clap your hands and those in the expensive ones rattle your jewellery”. It was a trip down memory lane with the TV screens during set changes showing ’60s adverts, quotes from the Fab 4 and more.

James Fox as Paul did most of the singing, while Reuven (John), was great on the Lennon input but then great, too, was drummer Ben (Ringo) with “When I’m 64”and John (George), was amazing on guitar and vocals on “When My Guitar Gently Weeps” a stick out. The best however for me was James with “The Long and Winding Road”.

Over 40 Beatles classics some quick Lennon quips and some laid back Paul moments. I must say that the show was enhanced by the 5th member in the back ground – Steve Geere on the keyboards producing all the orchestration. What an amazing musician he is, and a great part of the show. Steve has worked with Shania Twain, Gareth Gates, The Real Thing and more, and also in productions such as The Lion King and many more West End Productions, truly talented lad.

With two, yes two, encores that should tell you what a wonderful night it was.

Go and see it if you’re a Beatles Fan it’s a sure fire MUST!!! And if you’re not a Beatles fan? You really need to go – it’ll convert you!

Ian Robertson