New Community Slot on Saturday Afternoon Live

Do you have a good cause to champion, a charity, organisation or event to promote or perhaps campaign or local issue you would like to talk about on air, on your original local community radio station? Are you unavailable during the week? Does Saturday suit you better?

Well there’s no need to panic any longer as Daniel Piggins is actively searching for great guests from the local community who could do with a helping hand in the form of a bit of time on air either by phone or in the studio and welcomes community groups, clubs, teams, causes and organisations as well as registered charities, event organisers, tourist attractions, concerts and politicians.

Bands and musicians are also welcome, but these may be better catered for by the team on ‘The Hitbox‘ immediately afterwards at 4pm as this new feature is primarily for anyone and everyone who wants there message heard, but can’t come in or do a telephone interview during the week.

If this sounds like you or someone you know then email or call 01620826444 and say you’d like to be on Afternoon Live!