Cirque Berserk Edinburgh Playhouse

Cirque Berserk transports the audience back in time to the days of travelling circus shows. All the ingredients of a traditional night in the big top are here: the naïve charm of the clown, the mesmerizing aerialists, the energetic acrobats, the heart stopping knife throwers. The show is fast moving and pacey with upbeat music driving the performance. I was apprehensive as to how a circus could adapt to the theatre but Cirque Berserk makes this transformation seamlessly.

At the centre of Cirque Berserk are seven principle male acrobats, who captivate the audience from the opening act with a range of stunning displays including limbo, tumbling and human pyramids. Their degree of flexibility is awe inspiring! The lone woeful clown not only stole the show but the audience’s hearts. Though inevitably doomed to fail, we willed him on to success.

The climax of the evening was the legendary ‘Globe of Death’, which had the audience on the edge of their seat as motorcyclists ran rings around each other in a mesh cage.

Cirque Berserk left us feeling breathless with its multitude of death defying stunts. Entertaining and exhilarating, it is a must see for all. Catch it soon as its run at Edinburgh Playhouse ends Tuesday 3rd February.

Lindsay Hart