Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
King’s Theatre Edinburgh
until Sunday 17th January 2016
Where else can you have a family night out that hits the exact spot for every generation from the youngest member of the family to the oldest? Snow White at the Kings had it all; fun, frivolity, and belly aching laughter.

As the curtain rose to reveal the first scene there was no doubt this was going to be a classic fairy-tale but with a local twist. The clever use of staging and colour lulled the audience into a false sense of security as if entering the well-thumbed pages of a favourite pop-up book only to be brought back to reality with a bang worthy of the pyrotechnic director for a fireworks display. Perhaps the panto should have come with a public health warning as this turned out to be only a minor fright compared to what was yet to come.

The baddie, Grant Stott, (Queen Sadista) complemented the comedic duo Alan Stewart (Nanny May), whose dresses got more elaborate with each scene, and Andy Grey (Hector) the daft laddie.
A tried and tested trio with many years’ experience, Stott, Stewart and Gray, have a natural rapport that permits adlibbing to take the plot forward seamlessly and with added hilarity.
The entrance of the seven dwarfs brings the show to new heights of laughter as they skilfully ride across the stage astride woodland creatures to chants of He He and Ha Ha.
Frances Mayli McCann as Snow White and Greg Barrowman as Prince Hamish sing their heart out as a reminder to all that they are the principal characters of this tale.

Toilet humour, football banter, political digs at Super Salmond (Alex) and Super Sturgeon (Nicola) and a guest appearance from the Bay City Rollers, leave the audience in no doubt that this is an Edinburgh panto.

Set pieces and special effects ensure every second unfolded an eye catching, jaw dropping experience. And just when you thought the panto was all over a slapstick rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas brought the house down.
Qdos Entertainment has a reputation for lavish productions and they certainly did not disappoint. This production was a King of Kings

Is this the Fairest Panto in the Land? ‘Oh yes it is’

Is it a sell out? ‘Oh no it is not.’ (But almost)

Is this a five star performance? ‘Oh yes it is’

Dunbar Grammar