Birds of a Feather Kings Theatre

The anticipation was palpable for those in the audience who were fans of the sitcom 15 years ago, and expectations were high. The writers and the cast Sharon (Pauline Quirke), Tracey (Linda Robson) and Dorien (Lesley Joseph) did not disappoint as the script was peppered with earthy humour from beginning to end. It was just like the “girls” had never been away.

The writers brought the girls up to the present day without losing the very essence of the television show. With jokes about fading sight, poor bladder control and sexual innuendoes (especially when Dorien appeared on the stage) the audience loved every minute of it.

Dorien’s entrance was spectacular. In her skintight dress and big hair, she received a spontaneous round of applause – her shoes alone deserved applause as they were certainly “killer heels”!

The relationship between the girls was allowed to develop as the characters had aged, but still using the same sisterly banter and non-stop bickering. Travis (Pauline Quirke’s son Charlie Quirke alternating nights with Louis Dunford) is now 16 and has a very close and cosseted relationship with his mother (Linda Robson). The bond and friendship the characters have was evident and they slotted effortlessly into their roles as if they’d never been away.

Stretching a half hour sitcom into an hour and a half play doesn’t always work but with some clever video footage and old photos being used to cover the scene changes, the audience were clearly enjoying all that the play had to offer.

For many it was a trip down memory lane but I think any newcomer to Birds of a Feather would be able to appreciate the up to date humour which is current and fresh. And the cast did what they do best, their excellent comic timing had the theatre echoing with laughter.

Caroline Brodie