The BFG at the Lyceum

The performance took place in the Royal Lyceum in Edinburgh which has a beautiful interior including a stunning blue ceiling. We had comfortable seats in the front row and at the interval we were served with snozcumber ice cream!

The show tells the story of a girl called Sophie whose birthday surprise of a magician fails to turn up, so her family act out the well-known story of Roald Dahl’s BFG. Sophie, played by Robyn Milne, uses a puppet Sophie to tell the story which I wasn’t sure about to start with, but I quickly got used to the idea and it worked really well to show how small Sophie was compared with the giants. The BFG was played by Lewis Howden. All the actors were great and really showed that they believed in the story.

The sets were visually stunning, from the BFG’s cave, with ladders and jars of bubbles (dreams) to the Queen’s Palace with outsize furniture for the BFG to use.

There were some amazing effects during the show, such as bubbles floating around the whole theatre and snow falling during the carols at the end. The cast members were multi-talented, singing and playing instruments such as tambourines and triangles, as well as acting. The music fitted in very well to the story.

My favourite scene was the whizz pops, with strange music made by trumpets and drums. Watch out for stray whizz pops if you go! It was a great family night out for all ages. I don’t want to spoil the story but it was entirely appropriate for Christmas and jolly good fun!

Jess Rae (age 11)
Law Primary School