The Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular Playhouse

If someone were to say to you "What's your favourite Rat Pack song?" how would you reply to them? If you are anything like me, then there are many to choose from, and this show proved that from the wide range of material that was drawn on here. Being honest, I genuinely don't like tribute acts, as I feel some of them are just a bit too cheesy for my liking - they come across as really trying to pretend to be someone that they obviously aren't. This however, didn't feel like a tribute act – these guys were exceptional!

The BBC and others have given this show amazing reviews, and I can see why. Despite me and my good lady friend being the youngest there, this was neither here nor there, as all of the songs during the 2.5 hr show were absolutely outstanding, the performers proving that we do have some highly talented people in this country.

Having looked around the theatre, I was quite impressed to see that it was full for a Saturday night – and you could tell that the audience were really enjoying themselves – from the way they were joining in to “King of the Road”, or even waving their arms in the air to “That’s Amore”.

Everything about this spectacular show was outstanding, even down to the way Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jnr were having a play with the audience – it was as if they knew each and every single person in the room – they knew how to make the audience tick! I really loved also during the interval and at the end how you could go and have a chat with all three of the guys – and they weren’t rushing you away, you could stay for as long as you liked (another tick in the box) – they wanted to spend more time with their audience, which brings me back to the point I made about how they knew them.

A highly all round entertaining show which is a must see – well done guys, I shall be back next year!

Jamie Wells