The Drifters Edinburgh Playhouse

I’d like to start by thanking Edinburgh Playhouse and the promoters for allowing East Coast FM to attend and review this awesome concert. A sincere and grateful thanks to all for a wonderful night with The Drifters.

The concert could not have been better, they showcased all their classics, along with a couple of well linked montages of great songs made famous by other artistes, O’Jays, Gene Pitney and Dusty Springfield to name but a few.

At this point I must also congratulate the backing musicians – they, too, were amazing, the sound was what we call ‘tight’ and at a controlled volume so you could hear every instrument clearly. They even did a few songs alone including a brilliant version of the James Bond Theme, all of which helped to make it a great night.

The Drifters current line-up, Michael Williams, Ryan King, Damion Charles and Daniel Bowen-Smith were fantastic – each a very accomplished vocalist. ( I must say, though, I found it strange at one point when Michael Williams introduced the members of the Drifters he missed not only himself but also Ryan King!)

As a unit, they, and Ryan especially, had all the old Drifter moves perfectly timed. The most special part of it all was the truly remarkable harmonies. Yes, vocalists and band were ‘tight’ together and well organised and a true joy to listen to, simply you could have closed your eyes and you would have thought you were listening to a collection of classic recordings.

And indeed all the classics were there and I’m not going to list them all, but just say that ‘Love Train’ was awesome as was the song made a hit by the Searchers “Sweets for my Sweet”. I couldn’t have asked for a better night out.

Ian Robertson