Thriller Live Festival Theatre

Thriller Live at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre was one of the best shows I personally have ever seen. It was a real tribute to Michael Jackson and his family. Samantha Johnson, Rachel Adedeji and Deborah Dada who were the female lead vocalists smashed every song from ABC, The Love You Save, Wanna Be Startin' Something, to Man in the Mirror.

The entire show reminded us how amazing Michael Jackson was and I quote from Wayne Robison, one of the male lead vocalists “how all he ever wanted to do was make a difference in this troubled world”. Wayne Robinson, Alex Buchanan, Sean Christopher and Jerome Wayne were absolutely incredible in every song they sang. You could close your eyes and think Michael Jackson was standing in front of you singing his songs while each one of the male vocalists were singing.

The dancing too was on a whole new level, and you could tell each person on the stage dancing loved every minute of it. Over all Thriller Live was fun, fizzing with energy and a real treat for Michael Jackson fans. And if you’re not a fan of Michael Jackson? Well, get yourself along anyway – this might just be the show to change your mind!

Joy Robertson