CINDERELLA – Brunton Theatre Christmas Panto, 2015

It’s that time again – the Brunton Panto, packed with fun, action and jokes. Cinderella is something for the family that you really don’t want to miss.

Right through from beginning to end you can see the quality in this production.
A small cast cover a lot of roles very well.

It has original wonderful music including adaptations of popular songs by One Direction, Jason Derulo, OMI and Flo Rida. One of the highlights of the night was the beautiful song, “When You Look Me In The Eyes”.

‘Cinderella’ made the audience feel they were part of the story themselves. I even got a high five from Buttons. There were lots of funny references to local towns. – we must have been two of the “Munters from North Berwick”, but maybe there were some “Numpties fae Humbie” there too! We had a sing-off later on too.

There was a great atmosphere among the audience and, when the interval came, you could feel the buzz in the air. When I returned, to my surprise, sitting a few seats away was the local MP, the SNP’s George Kerevan.

The Ugly Sisters, played by men as is the tradition, were very funny and clever in fulfilling their roles, while Cinderella was really good at singing, The well choreographed dancers were local children. They were colourful, bright and very good to watch.

The special effects were enthralling and the background drawings, for example of Musselburgh, were great!

At the end the cast called out greetings to some of the people in the audience and we sang Happy Birthday to one of them.

Everyone seemed to have a really great evening.

So when you’re making your Christmas plans, consider the Brunton’s Cinderella, because it is absolutely tremendous.

Finlay McIlwraith
Primary 5C, Law Primary School
For East Coast FM

Comments from Mum: We had a marvellous evening out together and got plenty of inspiration for our own wee drama adventures. This was a fantastic traditional panto with exactly the right ingredients for all ages to enjoy.

Carol Stobie,
North Berwick