Solid Silver 60s Show Edinburgh Playhouse

WHAT A SHOW!! You don’t need to be of senior years to enjoy true professionals at work. Really, if you were thinking “Oh no 60s” - think again! This show was pure class from start to finish. The show opened with VANITY FAIR performing their classic hits and of course the big US hit “Hitchin a Ride” - flute included. Eddie Wheeler, Mark Ellen & Bernie Hagley have been together for over 4 decades and joined by a great keyboard player, Steve Oakman, these lads are wonderful musicians and the quality simply divine. With worldwide hits including, “Early In The Morning”, “Hitching A Ride”, “I live For The Sun” and “Better By Far” they have clocked up over five million sales earning them two gold discs. And a big hand for the sound crew, who got the volume just perfect.

Vanity Fair stayed on stage to be the backing band for the wonderful Chris Farlowe, awesome at 73 years old! Chris belted out all his classics including the Rolling Stones penned hits (the special one being “Out Of Time”). The set was fantastic with “Handbags and Glad Rags” and “In the Midnight Hour”, topping them all. Yes, Chris stole the entire show for me – not easy considering the company he was in and the class of the other performers. Not too mobile these days, but so what, he has lost nothing of his great blues voice.

Chris was followed after the interval by the ‘Jumpin Bean’ himself, in direct from LA, Chris Montez. A great little rock ‘n’ roll set from the Mexican-American and his energy at 71 (yes 71) was a true joy. He danced and jumped around like a 20 year old, “Let’s Dance” and “The More I See You” were stick outs, but then they always will be.

To bring the show to its climax we had Brian Poole & The Tremeloes. Original member, drummer Dave Munden, who along with Brian formed the band back in 1957 was fabby. Although unable at this point to perform as a drummer (this was left to Vanity Fair’s drummer), Dave was out front with Brian belting out the songs. Newcomers , Joe Gillingham on keyboards & vocals Jeff Brown on bass, vocals, (and what a character he is!) and Eddie Jones, lead guitars, vocals, made up the rest of the band.

Yes it was true nostalgia, with “Twist & Shout”, “Silence is Golden”, “Do You Love Me”, “Someone Someone” sung for the first time in over 40 years in Scotland it was a great end to the evening .

Thank you all for a FABBY Night. Tune into East Coast 107.6FM on Tuesday nights between 8pm -10pm for all of these songs and more on THE SWINGING 60’s presented by the one and only…

Ian Robertson