The Songbook of Judy Garland Playhouse

Well, what a beautifully crafted show this is! It pays tribute to the immortal legend of singer and actress Judy Garland, whose career spanned five decades, leaving behind a towering legacy and achievements across all aspects of the performing arts & media – films, TV shows, radio broadcasts & concerts. She was a singer, actress, dancer, comedienne & raconteur.

I’m delighted to say that a few days beforehand, I had the privilege of being able to interview one of the cast members from the show – Ray Quinn, who was lovely and very forthcoming, and blessed with a fabulous voice.

Now to share some snapshots from the performance, and boy, are you in for a treat right from the first note of the opening song of the show. There was barely a single moment in the entire show that was in any way wrong, and I have absolutely nothing negative to say at all, as the entire show was beautifully crafted. From the use of the lighting, through the choreographed dances, to each song and also the live music – but not to forget the use of visual effects along with videos of Judy Garland singing, to which at the end of each the entire Playhouse erupted into applause and cheering which at the end turned into a very well earned and deserved standing ovation.

If Judy was still alive today and could see the show, she would not only enjoy and love it, but she would be extremely proud of her daughter Lorna Luft who stars in the show. This is one show that you wouldn’t want to miss, especially if you are a fan of the late, and great, Judy Garland.

Ben Dyson