Singing Kettle: Magic Wishing Well King’s Theatre

The Singing Kettle was originally formed by husband and wife folk duo, Cilla Fisher and Artie Trezise. When they had their daughter Jane they came to the conclusion that the available children’s music and entertainment was disappointing to say the least, so they decided to form a folk children's singing group with their daughter and her friends. They released a one-off record that became an unexpectedly huge hit. That was in 1982. Now, times have changed. and we have just seen the newest incarnation of the 32 year running show. This most recent touring show is called The Magic Wishing Well and promises endless childish delights and reminiscing for all the family. As two teenagers attending without a child there was no shortage of strange looks from fellow “Kettlers”, however even though we do not quite fit into the intended age bracket of the show we found ourselves pleasantly surprised.

The show, in essence, did exactly what it promised to do. It was a funny, cheery, pantomime-style treat that had everyone up singing and clapping – even us. Although perhaps slightly too long, it was bursting with enthusiasm from start to finish, and had the audience excited, particularly when it came to picking volunteers to come up and dance on stage. Much to our disappointment, we were not so lucky as to be chosen. The phenomenally talented Gary Coupland MBE played the flawless live accompaniment to the singing duo Anya Scott-Rodgers and Kevin Macleod. Together the cast formed a lively and energetic experience for all ages.

Overall, the Singing Kettle is an ageless family delight, proven by the timeless qualities of the show. We would give this show four stars, although two hours is a long time to expect small children – (and teenagers!) – to be entertained for. But we would still recommend this show to anyone, from toddlers to teens to children at heart, and would gladly go to see the next tour, the “Fantastic Funfair”.

Kayleigh Stewart