Lee Mack Edinburgh Playhouse

Well, well, well – where do I start with this review? This was such a jam packed show that had so much in it, I’ve decided to pick a few snapshots of last night.

This show can be described in two words: Utter genius! I don’t think I have ever laughed so much in a long time. Both Lee Mack and the support act Mike Gunn were utterly fantastic – they both (in their own way) had the audience laughing for the entire show about subjects that meant something to them – it does take a lot to have that down to perfection, but both Lee and Mike did that during the two and a half hour performance.

Here’s just a wee snap shot of both acts last night:

Mike Gunn: I’m going to be honest with you and say that I always cringe when I’m at shows and they have a support act on, as you or I can never really tell what they are going to be like – but this guy was very good – he had the audience laughing through his entire set and again it was on subjects that the audience were able to look at and go – yes, that affects me etc. A great success!

Lee Mack: I’ll tell you something – for a brand new tour he is utterly brilliant! I know that friends of mine had been to see him over 15 years ago at the Edinburgh Festival in front of a crowd of 50 people – and he was just as nuts as he was then as he is now! He is very fast moving and sometimes it’s very hard to keep up with him, but he was just superb throughout his entire set – and an added extra Lee took some time to do a Q & A with the audience towards the end of the show which I thought was top notch!

So all in all a really fantastic show which you all must go to see – and if you miss it, buy it on DVD when it comes out!

Jamie Wells