John Barrowman – You Raise Me Up Playhouse

Well, what do you get when you roll: funny, charismatic, handsome, musically talented and born in Scotland into one man. If you were to say to me any of David Tennant, Ewan McGregor or Gerard Butler then you would be completely and utterly wrong. I’m of course talking about the Doctor Who/Torchwood/Arrow and all round star Mr John Barrowman.

Now let me share a few snapshots of what was an absolutely fantastic night in the Edinburgh Playhouse, I should begin with the fabulous support act Rachael Sage. She is a fantastic keyboard player, guitarist and vocalist from New York, and she kicked the evening off in a slow but relaxing way, and furthermore was as much an absolute joy to watch and listen to as she was new to me in terms of music.

Now on to the main feast, the star of the show and the man that the audience had been waiting for – Mr John Barrowman who, unlike most other stars who would have an announcer who would herald their arrival on stage, John made his arrival known in his own extravagant way – by bursting into song with upbeat dancing music that was provided by a live band and backing dancers. Now the show was not only filled with songs but also with jokes and stories along with audience participation. He was not afraid have a quick retort when an audience member either heckled or threw out a joke whether it was dirty or really clever.

Not only that but he was not afraid to be anything than who is he is even when talking about his personal life or things that he has done such as his charity work, holidays with his partner Scott and also more importantly the impact that he had when he was at the commonwealth games and kissed someone that helped make other countries change their equality laws.

Now this is definitely a show not to be missed even more especially if you’re a super John Barrowman fan as he not only knows how to put on a show but also to have and keep the audience entertained for the ride. At the end of the night the audience were not only up on their feet in rapturous applause but were singing along and having a really good night. Now John earned and fully deserved the standing ovation – not just for the witty jokes, audience participation but more importantly his dedication to his fans and also his outstanding renditions of songs such as “Loch Lomond”, “Heroes”, “I Am What I Am” and more astoundingly a wonderful cover of “You Raise Me Up”.

If you don’t take the opportunity to see John live then you are missing the show of a lifetime. I look forward to hearing the album when it comes out at the end of June.

Ben Dyson