Rocky Horror Show

In my humble opinion, this is the world’s greatest musical!! The Rocky Horror Show returned to Edinburgh Playhouse for its 40th anniversary with a new production directed by Christopher Luscombe. As a fan of the show who has seen it a number of times over the years, I knew what to expect (or so I thought!) The Rocky Horror Show is full of corsets, make up, high heels and sexy jokes, as we are told the story of an innocent couple who stumble into Frank N Furter’s bizarre transsexual party.

The narrator (Phillip Franks) worked well with the well informed and enthusiastic audience as they jokingly attacked him throughout the show. As soon as Frank N Furter (Oliver Thornton) burst onto the stage the audience loved him in his tight revealing corset and his extremely high heels. Although Oliver Thornton had a challenging role to play, he captured Frank N Furter’s flamboyant lifestyle in one as he dominated the stage and made crude jokes throughout the play.

The rest of the Transylvanian crew worked brilliantly to help create the chaos of Frank N Furter’s party with some amazing performances, particularly Sam Attwater and Roxanne Pallett who play Brad and Janet and delivered powerful vocals – the audience couldn’t get enough of them.

I and the audience loved each and every song from “Science Fiction/Double Feature” to “I’m Going Home” as we all sang our hearts out and danced to “Time Warp”.

My favourite part of the play would definitely have to be when the whole cast danced and encouraged the audience to dance along to “Time Warp” for the first time. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone, well anyone over the age of 18 as the jokes and humour are quite crude.

For me, this production was far better than the one I saw a few years ago in every respect from the vocals to their clothes! The Rocky Horror Show definitely lives up to its crazy, bizarre, sexy reputation. 10/10.