Dara O’Briain Edinburgh Playhouse

I think that that this show really is utter genius! Dara really does have the crowd laughing out of the palm of his hand – a skill hard to perfect these days! I’ve always been a fan of Dara’s work – he genuinely is a really funny man – and an added bonus is he isn’t rude for the sake of being rude – if he is, he is emphasising a point which generally can be quite funny!

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much like that in a very long time – which is great because sometimes after a long week at work you do need some kind of a pick me up – and this is it!

The whole two and a half hour performance from start to finish was absolutely hilarious – and before you ask – the subject matters that Dara was talking about – I could relate to. For me, I think this is the greatest skill any comedian can have – making the audience think about things that affect them, but by doing it in a very funny manner.

Another selling point to this show is that it’s just Dara himself, he doesn’t have any support act – presumably as he has so much material to get through! Don’t get me wrong, I do like support acts at gigs, as I’m all for seeing who’s going to be the next big talent, but you pay for what you get – in this case a very, very funny man named Dara O’Brian!

All in all then a really tip top performance from the man himself – I think I’ve found a comedian that I actually love! And a top performance as always by the staff at the Edinburgh Playhouse – always a great venue to go to, to be entertained! A real must see as you’ll be laughing from start to finish!

Jamie Wells