Slava’s Snow Show Festival Theatre

Going into the show I knew little about it other than the fact that it was mesmerising, humorous and ingenius. These are all words I had seen others describe it by and it is exactly how I would describe it. One thing I would say, however, is that the story line is very confusing and difficult to follow at the beginning. As the show goes on it does become increasingly apparent.

All throughout the show the audience sees the perfect mix of emotion and humour. This is so magical because it is portrayed purely through use of props, body language, facial expression and interaction with the audience. For me the latter was the most important. Not only did the blizzards and the cobwebs that literally made physical connection thrill those watching but when the main character climbed down from the stage and up, over and through the audience, everybody was engaged; standing up in their seats to get a better view and laughing, enchanted by this odd character. This did not only happen in the main show, but also during the interval, so if you’re nipping out, don’t stay out for long!

I also wanted to mention the music. Underlying the whole show is music; some unknown and some very familiar to all of us. The way the characters interact with the music, be it through dancing or doing things at just the right time to coincide with the music shows how well thought out and practiced it was. The seemingly random actions and movements were very well choreographed. The way the scenes that I initially thought were unlinked flowed flawlessly and engaged the audience in a thrilling tale of friendship and life.

I would recommend this for families or people who want a bit of a laugh and a fun time out, whatever the age. Slava’s Snow Show is timeless.

Brooke Ritchie