Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games Edinburgh Playhouse

This was a super performance. The story of good versus evil was captured brilliantly throughout. The music was powerful and was perfectly complimented by the dancing. Not only that but the performers were also great at getting the audience involved, and you could tell everyone was enjoying themselves.

The lighting and effects were amazing, and they seemed to carry the mood of the story. All the backgrounds were either beautiful or dark and creepy.

The choreography was well thought through – it moved from slow and elegant soft shoe dancing to fast furious traditional Irish tap. The lead characters were all brilliant, but so were the rest of the cast too.

Lord of the Dance did not only involve dancing, there was singing and fiddle playing too, which helped put a modern twist on the traditional Irish dancing. The singer Erin the Goddess (played by Rachael O’Connor) kept the story going with her songs which were sung very well. The fiddle players (Giada Costerano Cunningham and Eimear Reilly) were fantastic – they brought great energy to the performance.

I thought that the costumes really brought out the characters’ personalities. They were very detailed and beautifully made. I really liked the Dark Lord’s costume because I thought it gave a good description straightaway of his character.

I liked all of the dancers but my favourite had to be the Little Spirit which was played by Jess Judge. I thought her gymnastics were excellent and her costume was magical. Her facial expressions helped bring the story along and pulled the audience in. She also looked like she was really enjoying herself.

Overall I would definitely recommend this performance for everyone. I give Lord of the Dance 5 stars. You could tell lots of hard work and enjoyment had gone into it. Well done Michael Flatley and everyone else involved.

Mairi Johnston