About Us

East Coast FM is a Community Radio Station, serving the town of Haddington and surrounding area, in East Lothian, Scotland.

The stations first broadcast was on St. Andrews Day – 30th November – 2009, on an FM Restricted Service License (RSL) which continued for 4 weeks. Subsequently it has broadcast its programming on the Internet. A second RSL allowed the station to broadcast once again on the FM frequency from the 9th December 2011 to 6th January 2012.

OFCOMAn application for a full FM Community Radio License was submitted to the UK Regulator OFCOM on 14th February 2012 and a 5 year License was awarded to the organisation on 20th September 2012. A frequency of 107.6 was allocated on 11th January 2013, and the station launched its FM broadcasting at 8 am BST on Saturday 27th April 2013. Another 5 year License extension was awarded taking us up to 2018 and again to 2023. A new extension application was applied for after a major management change in 2022 and yet another 5 year License extension has been awarded by OFCOM on 19th April 2023 for another 5 years.

East Coast FM’s Objectives
  • To promote community spirit in the area by providing a community radio station for those living in Haddington and the surrounding area
  • To promote the advancement of the arts, culture or science in the immediate area through broadcasts from the radio station
  • To encourage volunteers across the generations both in running the station and in fundraising social events
  • To advance the education especially of the young people of the area by providing training and so enabling them to take part in the making and presenting of programmes

The station broadcasts from premises in the centre of Haddington, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The programming is varied and includes daytime entertainment, specialist music programmes in the evenings, opportunities for pupils at local schools to create their own shows, local sports coverage and religious themes. The station has a clear focus on being involved with it’s community and local events, other charities and fundraising are regularly featured.

East Coast FM is a registered Charity in Scotland with the Registration No. SC042784